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Pedigree Chicken & Veg Flavor 3kg

  • AED44.90

  • Product Code: 9334214022963
  • Availability: 100
Product Description A shout out to all dog lovers and pet parents..want the best for your dogs? Then, give them PEDIGREE Dog Food, which comes in a full range of dry food, wet food and treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. PEDIGREE Beef & Vegetables Dry Dog Food for adult dogs is specially formulated to provide your pooch with all the energy and nourishment needed to keep healthy and looking its best. Packed with vitamin B, zinc and omega-6 fatty acid, PEDIGREE Beef & Vegetables Dry Dog Food (Adult), delivers nutrition that addresses the four key needs of your canine friends skin and coat, immune system, digestion and oral care. It is a complete pet food that contains no sugars, no artificial colors and flavors. So keep your pooch healthy & full of vitality with PEDIGREE Beef & Vegetable Dry Dog Food (Adult). PEDIGREE. We are for dogs. -No artificial colors and flavors -No added sugars -Oral Care - Pedigree Dry kibbles helps clean teeth and support healthy gums through providing a gentle abrasive action -Digestion Pedigree dry recipes help ensure healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption -Skin & Coat - Pedigree recipes contain key essential nutrients with Soy oil and Zinc that help nourish your dog's skin and coat -Immunity - Pedigree dry recipes contain vitamin E - an antioxidant, and minerals to help defend a dog from the inside

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